M-Series Products

Glass Cleaner (Spray) 250 ml

Is formulated to effectively remove insects, stubborn stains, grease and bird droppings instantly for a clear dazzle free windscreen.

Glass Water Mark Remover 250 ml

Effectively clean and removes water marks on all auto glass windscreen. Also remove traffic film, grease, insect's smells and also plants & tree saps, which ordinary glass cleaning solution or detergent fail to do so.

Head Lamp Polisher 150 ml

Is specially formulated to remove yellowish stains on all plastic headlights cover and restores to its original clear and transparent finish. Extra protection against stains and dirt.

Metallic Polisher 500 ml

Is a new technology in care protection is specially developed for restoring both solid and metallic paintwork to its original shinning and gleaming appearance.

Nano Anti-Static Wax 250 ml

Waxco Auto Care Products is proud to be the First Car Care Product's Company to inculcate this New Amazing Technology in our quest to always research for new innovations to improved our Waxco Auto Care Products to be The Best Car Care Products and ahead of all other Brands, be it locally produced or abroad. This Carnauba Wax is with added wax to improved the shine after washing.

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