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Auto Multiple-Cleaner 600 ml

Specially formulated as an auto multi-purpose's cleaner. It easily clean and removes stains effectively, especially on fabric seats, leather seats and overhead roof vinyl & leather.

Auto O'dor Off 250 ml

Formulated for hygienic and safely uses as get rid of unpleasant o'dor in office's room, home and car's epecially for cigarette's o'dor in smooker's car.

Dashboard & Interior Cleaner 200 ml

Is specially formulated to clean and remove heavy and tough stains for e.g. smears, dirt, and oil of car's interior parts.

Leather, Dashboard & UV Protector 200 ml

Beautifies and protects Leather, Vinyl, Rubber and Plastic parts against the sun damaging rays, heat and harsh weather that cause cracking and fading.

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