Household Care Products

WAXCO Foam Protectant SPRAY 300ml

A new innovation formulated for multiple household uses. It can be used to clean, protects and shine for all wooden base household furniture, toilet sinks and ceramics tiles, leather and PU sofa’s and also any painted metal or plastic surface.

DIY Air Con Cleaner 550 ml

Effectively dissolves all grease, dirt, mold, fungi and others dust build-up from the cooling coils of your air conditioners. After application, your air conditioner will work more efficiently thereby saving electricity and maintenance.

DIY Bathroom Anti Leak 430 ml

A water-proof coating on your tiles to prevent water leaking and retention for longer lasting beauty and protection.

Home Care Leather Guard 125 ml

Specially formulated to clean and protect leather sofa by removing tough stains, producing a fresh shining finish just like new! It acts as an excellent dust repellent and contains special agents against tobacco smoke and unpleasant smell.

Home Care Leather Stains Care Cleaner 125 ml

Specially formulated to remove tough and heavily soiled stains from leather sofa; restoring to it's original new and shining finish.

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