Car Care Products

Radiator Flush 287 ml

Specially formulated to clean and flush the cooling system by removing dirt, rust, scale and grease effectively.

WAXCO Black Fiber Color 150ml

To enhance and restore an old dashboard, leather seat, steering, bumper, tyre, rusty wiper arm, underseal, rubber, metal, plastic etc..

Rust Treatment Spray 300 ml

Specially formulated to clean stubborn stains, start wet motors, anti rust protection, lubricates moving parts, loosen rusted parts and stop squeaks.

WAXCO Engine Silicone Black Shine 300ml

This new formulation gives a brilliant shine, when spray onto car engine, black unpainted plastic parts, battery terminals, tyres, and other plastic parts.

WAXCO Rain Act Windshield 150ml

To improve driving conditions and visibility for all weather conditions, so that you may drive in total safety.

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