Car Care Products

Wet Look Tyre Shine 500 ml

A premium tyre shine with endurance and Hi-Gloss. Now you can have rich, dark, hi gloss tyres for weeks longer than ordinary protectants.

Auto Sport Wheel Cleaner 600 ml

Specially formulated to remove road grime and brake dust on sport wheel surfaces without damaging any portion of the wheel. It easily dissolves and lift the dirt by breaking it down and washing it away.

P.G.S Polymer Sport Wheels Coating Wax 200 ml

Polymer Sport Wheels Coating Wax is specially formulated to give the sport rims the shine and to form a thin layer coat of polymer wax for the prevention of rust, tar dirt stains, brake pad dust stains and most of all for easy washing and keeps the rims shining always.

Sport Rim Conditional 125 ml

Specially formulated to clean all types of alloy rims for a gloss shine.

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