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Engine Silicone Black Shine Spray 300 ml

New formulation gives every part of your car with brilliant shine, when spray onto car engine, black unpainted plastic parts, rubberised parts, battery terminals, tyres and other plastic parts. You can appy it to all exterior parts plastic trim & door handles. Excellence for used to smootehr power window and reduce hinges noise.

Nano Super Paste Wax 220 gm

Specially formulated to remove minor scratches (Not deep cut scratch) for Metallic & 2K Paintwork. This new technology breakthrough can be used as levelling paintwork and also can be used as tar remover.

T.S.S Nano Polymer Auto Treatment 200 ml

Another new specially formulated product, the first and only all in one product for used on car body, dashboard & interior, leather seat and also sport wheel treatment. After applying, it gives brilliant shine on to areas of application, a providing coat, UV & leather resistant, anti-static and long lasting.

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