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Natural Leather Shine 320 ml

A premium shine product for those who want to maintain that rich 'Like New' look on their leather seat, dashboards and tyres. It also helps to remove dirt and grime, that dull or discolour finish. This product also have UV protection to reduce damaging rays from the sun.

P.G.S Cockpit Leather Seat Cleaner 200 ml

Is specially formulated to cleanse the cockpit and leather seat of tough stains, oil and grease stains. It also protects the cockpit and leather seat against UV rays and heat with a non- greasy shield.

P.G.S Interior Cockpit & Leather Seat Protectant Set 200 ml x 3

Consists of Cockpit Leather Seat Cleaner, Interior Cockpit & Leather Seat Protectant & Auto Spray Deodoriser, this set cleans, protects & restore the cockpit, letaher & interior parts. Provide 2 full years of protection with polishing cloth & sponge provide.

Tough Stain Cleaning Foam 500 gm

An amazing multi-purpose foam cleaner effective for any washable and painted surfaces especially vinyl and fabric upholstery, carpets, floor mats and chrome. It's deep cleaning foam action lifts dirt and removes soils and stains easily.

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