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Auto Seat & Carpet Cleaner 250 ml

Specially formulated to clean and remove heavy and tough stains e.g. smears, dirt and oil from all types of fabric and carpet materials in the car, home or office.

Auto UV Protector 200 ml

Beautifies and protects leather, vinyl, rubber and plastic parts against the sun damaging UV rays, heat and harsh weather that cause cracking and fading.

Leather Shine 125 ml

The ideal care and protection product for all interior leather, plastic and vinyl parts in automobiles e.g. seats, dashboard, interior linings etc. Gives treated parts a fresh satin shine.

Leather Stain Cleaner 600 ml

Superior product that cleans and removes stains effectively. Quick and easy removal of grease, oil, dirt etc. Specially formulated for leather surfaces in the car, house and office.

Natural Leather Shine 320 ml

A premium shine product for those who want to maintain that rich 'Like New' look on their leather seat, dashboards and tyres. It also helps to remove dirt and grime, that dull or discolour finish. This product also have UV protection to reduce damaging rays from the sun.

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