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Auto Plastic Black Lotion 100 ml

Specially formulated chemical lotion for restring faded black plastic parts and rubberised parts.

Car Wash (Economy Pack) 2000 ml

Formulated to provide an extra shine besides removing dust, dirt and grime. Suitable for all paint finishes, including metallic and 2K. Treat your car to a shine every time you wash!

Car Wash Sponge

The ideal sponge for car washing.

Car Wax 320 gm

A premium quality car polish that gives a brilliant high gloss shine to all dull looking paintwork of both metallic and non-metallic vehicles. Contains a superior polymer compound that protects against dirt, detergent pollution, salt spray, weathering and minor scratches.

Car Waxing Sponge

The ideal sponge for car waxing.

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