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Anti Scratch Repair Kit 150 ml (Scratch Remover)

Specially formulated to remove minor scratches for Metallic & 2K Paintwork. This new technology breakthough can be used as levelling paintwork and also can be used as tar remover.

Anti Scratch Repair Kit 250 ml (Restoring Coating Wax)

Specially formulated to remove cobweb scratches after using Scrath Remover and to restore the paintwork to its original state and also to protect paintwork as anti-scratch coating wax.

Auto Clear Glass Cleaner 600 ml

Formulated to effectively remove insects, stubborn stains, grease and bird droppings instantly for a clear dazzle free windscreen. Also ideal for glass surfaces and windows in the home.

Auto Clear Vision Compound 250 ml

Specially formulated to remove silicon rain repellant (RAIN ACT or X) residue for new application. Excellent for removing water marks, minor scratches, blind spots and stubborn stains.

Auto Glass Stain Remover 250 ml

Removes tough and hardened stain which cannot be removed using normal shampoo (e.g. grease, oil, tar and left-over silicone deposits) resulting in a crystal clear and shiny windscreen.

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