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Synthetic Cleaning Wax 500 ml

New formulation gives every part of your car with brilliant shine without living any white residue on metallic and chrome surfae. You can apply it to all exterior part including rubber molding, plastic trim & door handles.

T.S.S Fine Polish Cream 220 gm

Specially formulated to bring-out original paint color, removes dirt & UV stain, levelling paint coat and bring-out smooth shine surface.

T.S.S Polymer Carnauba Wax 200 gm

Specially formulated to give long-lasting protection with good color and gloss to paintwork. Full protection is developed 24 hours after application of this product.

T.S.S Polymer Top Layer Show Car Wax 220 gm

Specially formulated to give long lasting protection to new and like-new paintwork. It produce a high gloss, lustrous and durable coat of plasticized film to protect against oxidization, pollution, intent sun, salt spray and minor scratches.

Tar Remover 125 ml

A new breakthrough in car care, it removes oil, grease and tough tar stains easily and effectively. A water-based product, therefore it does not affect or discolour the original paintwork.

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