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Plastic Lamp Cover Cleaner 125 ml

Specially formulated to clean & polish all types of plastic lamp covers and other plastic parts to produce a crystal clear transparent & shiny surfaces. Excellent for removing minor scratches, stubborn stains from dirt & grease and brightens the light output to give a safer vision.

Platinum Clear Coat Wax 220 gm

Specially formulated to give long lasting protection to new and like-new paintwork. It produce a high gloss, lustrous and durable thin, tough & hard coat of plasticized film to protect against oxidization, pollution, intent sun, salt spray and minor scratches. This superior high gloss finish is very effective and long-lasting.

Power Window Lubricant 150 ml

Made from high quality German material, it is useful for car, home and boat use.

Pre Soften Metallic Wax 200 gm

Formulated specially to protect against dirt, detergent, pollution & weathering besides removing dirt, oil, minor scratches and to maintain the outstanding brilliant shine for several months.

Premium Metallic Wax 200 ml

A premium quality wax formulated specially for metallic paintwork. Superior blended to add a brilliant shine and long lasting protection besides removing dirt, oil and minor scratches. Lasts up to 5 months.

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