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Anti Rust Radiator Treatment 287 ml

Prolong cooling system life, extend antifreeze coolant corrosion protection, protect all cooling metals against rust and corrosion.

Anti-Rust Engine Degreaser 350 gm

Dissolves grease and oil, fast and easy! Ideal for car engines, outboard motors, concrete, lawn movers, chain saws, motor bikes, machinery and work clothes.

Anti-Rust Lock Treatment 150 ml

New innovation formulation to lubricate, cleans and protects moving parts; window glinding groove, fan belt, door joint, battery terminal. This formulation is safe & gentle to all rubber and vinyl surface.

Automatic Transmission Gear Treatment 287 ml

Scientifically formulated to protect against leaking and premature wear and tear due to rust, foaming, sludge, varnish and corrosion. Recommended for automatic gearbox.

Carbon Remover 300 ml

New innovation formulation to remove carbon residue in the engine combustion chamber.

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